Wednesday, 24 September 2014

The Seasons Go 'Round and Round'

Autumn has officially begun and as if on cue....

The Canada geese arrive from the northern regions making their way southward.  You can't tell from this much of the photo but this group stretched as far as I could see. And doesn't that sky look kind of autumny, reminding me of Halloween. 

Here is the other half of the same group.  I kept running outside with the camera and missing the chance of a really good overhead shot.  But you get the drift.  There have been strings of geese flying over constantly all morning.  You can't miss them because even if you don't see them you will definitely hear them.  What a noisy bird!
Last weekend there were over thirty fall fairs in and around the countryside.  Like I said just about every little community runs a fair at this time of year.  Piles of pumpkins have begun appearing at the various roadside stands. Lots of leaves have started their change of colours. The sedum is deep pink; I'm so grateful to that hardy plant for providing colour in the garden so late in the season.  Even the sumac have begun turning red.  Now we will begin to think about Thanksgiving which arrives in October for us in Canada. 
And so the seasons go 'round and round.'