Friday, 19 September 2014

Hardy Autumn Asters

This is a photo of  the New England Asters I deliberately planted along the wire fence by the driveway.  It is a wild flower and visible at this time of year along the back roads and farm fields where it makes a purply show of itself.  I like this flower, another member of the dandelion/daisy family, for it's pretty blue to lilac to purple colours and the way it comes into bloom in the fall at a time when so many other plants are shutting down.  This plant has been changed by commercial growers to produce pink blossoms.  I haven't seen it but I'm sure it would be pretty, and probably hardy if it is anything like the original.

Here it is doing its best to obstruct the view of the ugly wire fence and this is more or less exactly as it can be seen in a field, in a wild clump. There is a little Sweet William peeking through there. I have not noticed many bees around it, but perhaps that is because they are very busy enjoying the sunflowers and morning glories that are also along this fence.
Such a flowering in all the woods and fields here in Canada in summer time and stretching into the fall.  Each month still brings new flowers into bloom.  I wish I knew their names but I do celebrate their beauty and I am certainly not complacent about how lucky we are to have such lovely things just growing wild all around us.