Monday, 15 September 2014

Monday, Monday

Just watching the bird feeder...several blue jays are having their way with it while two black squirrels and two chipmunks are underneath vying for falling seeds.  They all seem to prefer the sunflower seeds which makes me realize what a wonderful, versatile plant that is. I have a bottle of sunflower oil in my kitchen.  And to be so beautiful too when in full bloom.  As flowers go, it has it all.
I can see the slant of the sun is changing and its shine is already losing its robustness; this morning it is looking a little feeble, another marker of the season changing.  I think I am more aware of these subtle changes living in the woods, as it were.  Though I guess no one could miss the need for gloves early this morning when it was just three degrees!  Any minute now we will be having a frost overnight warning and I will have to rescue my geraniums, ivies, and coleus.  A family member came and cleaned out our chimney for us. After only one winter of use and being a new wood stove, we were happy to see it burned so cleanly it didn't really need the cleaning. 
I worked steadily on the felt ornaments over the weekend and I still think I am botching them up somehow.  Felt is a little tricky to embroider on; if you pull too tightly the thread will disappear into the welt and I have had to experiment to find the number of floss threads that show the best.  I'll show you my efforts tomorrow....
Meanwhile here is a lovely redwork goldfinch for you.