Monday, 22 September 2014

These Days Are Numbered

  To-day was a small girl bringing
   China cupfuls of water and air
   And cages of robins singing,
   "It is positively no crime
   To have pleasure in Present Time."
                               James Reaney

More faint sun trying valiantly to shine and coupled with the cooler temperatures, there is a certain crispness to the air I imagine makes it fallish.  All quiet outside this morning again no birds.  Where are all my chatty chickadees gone?  Just a scattered silent sparrow and the raptor birds wheeling in the air high above me.
It is the time of year that makes me  start to think about getting that new duvet I talked about last winter but kept putting off till there was not enough cold weather to warrant the purchase.  Or perhaps an electric blanket; we would need one with dual controls because I could not stand it as hot as Hubby would need and he could not take the coolness I enjoy.
But meanwhile, in Present Time, we languish with a few more weeks of weak warmth to the mid-days. We can still take pleasure in no parkas and mittens just yet, knowing all the while, these days are numbered.