Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Dog Walking 101

"Movement is medicine."    Clara Hughes

Another birthday gift...fancy new running shoes.  I still call them sneakers and have to mentally correct myself so I won't seem too behind the times.  These replace a seven year old pair that I bought in a T.J. Max for $12.99; I didn't realize just how much of a bargain they really were because they are still in pretty good shape all those exercise sessions later.  It's great to get new running shoes at the start of the school year as it were just like all the kids do; for me a small incentive to stay committed to keeping moving.
I have been trying to train Murphy to walk properly on a leash.  That would be for her to not strain at the very end and drag me along on the walk.  I guess it is terrible that we have not attempted to do this before now but with lots of acreage for the dogs to run around here in the country, it didn't seem that necessary.
 I've been watching videos on Youtube on how to train your bigger dog for walking on a lead and I have found them very instructive.  This is now week 3 for us and Murphy is doing very well.  I think  I told you she has a strong sense of smell and lets her nose lead her when outside.  This is also a problem on the leash.  It is hard for her to not want to head to whatever it is she is getting scent of (I don't really want to know what that might be!).  I keep a pocket full of treats, try to sound more firm in my voice than I really feel when correcting her, and practice with her daily.  The day we went beyond our property gate and out onto the road was a big one for us.  Fingers crossed she and I will achieve this goal; I love the idea of being able to walk our country road safely with her.