Thursday, 4 September 2014

Sunny Sunflowers

I drive past several sunflower farms on my way to one of my daughters.  I just love to glimpse them passing by.  The sunflower has got to be one of the happiest looking flowers and it is no wonder it is featured so much in stitchery projects, fabrics, and all manner of decor.  The opened blooms follow the track of the sun across the sky and I never had the luck to come upon this field when they were exactly facing the road.  Hubby pulled over one day so I could get as close as I could to take a photo and they were sort of facing me. 
Part of the daisy family, there are numerous varieties of sunflowers; in my photo  are one of the giant forms.  Sunflowers are found all over the world and provide food in the form of seeds and safflower oil.  I know the birds too prefer sunflower seeds of all I've put out for them; the feeder with the sunflower seeds is guaranteed to attract the greatest variety of birds.