Tuesday, 2 September 2014

To Labour is to Live

My father used to always say to labour is to live.  I think he thought it was a quote from the Bible but I'm not sure about that. Here in Canada, we mark the first Monday of September as Labour Day and most people have a holiday from work.  Being retired it is no longer a bittersweet day, one that marked the end of summer freedom and a return to the work world. 
 While walking Murphy up the road on Monday, I  saw the farmers on both sides of us out on their tractors working in the fields.  I guess for them Labour Day was no day of leisure because a fine sunny day at this time of year is too good to miss a chance of working the land.  In fact, the tractor sounds were the only ones we heard that morning. It seems to be soya beans that are surrounding us on all sides and as far as my meager farming knowledge goes, it is growing quite well.
We have had several meals of fresh local corn and now the Ontario grown peaches are turning up at all the little stands. It is great to be able to eat food as it comes in season, especially if it grown in the area. Thanks to the farmers and their labour, we get to do just that.