Saturday, 27 September 2014

Meat-eating and Marigolds

It was the sound of gunshots that woke us this morning.  Hunters taking advantage of a clear dawn and lots of ducks on the move.  That's as much as we know about it since hubby does not hunt and has denied hunting on this land, but yet would eat whatever someone else has shot.  I, having lived in places where people depended on hunting for food, possess a looser (for want of a better word) view about hunting.  We are both fervent animal lovers, but just as fervent animal eaters so it all becomes complicated, now doesn't it.
We had a heavy frost one night last week and it killed the morning glories, marigolds and daisies in one fell swoop.  Here are a couple of photos I got before their sad blackened endings...

  Not a great photo of the morning glories opened but you can see that their greenery achieved the purpose I had intended...helping disguise the wire fence in the driveway.  The blooms this year were large and all shades of  blues and violets mainly.

This is some form of giant marigold I didn't even know that I was growing really (yes, that's the kind of gardener I am!).  I had lots of the regular sized orange and yellows but then this bunch took off and actually outgrew the container I had planted them in.  It made the most beautiful bloom and was great for a couple of summer bouquets, and of course, being marigolds lasted many weeks and kept popping out new flowers. 
I would love to grow more of this next year but I've forgotten the name.  I'm sure though another look through Vessey's seed catalogue and I will spot it.