Saturday, 13 September 2014

Fallish Saturday

Quiet as a church here this morning.  Hubby is nose deep in the Saturday papers and the dogs have taken to their beds for a nap after their morning walk.
Looking out the window, I would say it looks very fallish out there, dark gray clouds and the trees are being thrown about by high winds.  Said trees have many leaves already turning tawny coloured and the poor birch, which is always the first to give up its leaves, has carpeted the ground since just yesterday. Yes it is autumn, a season I love despite the fact it means that winter is not far behind.
I am assembling my material for a short project, making Christmas ornaments.

I've branched out a little with the choice of colours in the felt after seeing on Pinterest such beautiful shades used effectively for ornaments.  See the little heart with Love on it...I was trying for what  I thought would look like x's and o's around it, but I don't like the o's, so I think some unsewing will be in order.  Oh my.

                          A little wren in redwork, though none are to be seen these early fall days.