Thursday, 13 August 2015

Did You Ever

Did you ever?

Eat something just because or with the excuse that you wanted to fair up (even up) the sides?  I found myself doing that with Hubby's giant strawberry/rhubarb pie from Costco. When I cut out a piece it left a very uneven side and I had to fix it so I wound up with a sliver  piece for myself that I didn't set out to get.  That's my story and I'm sticking to it.  LOL

What about this?  Did you ever finish a tub of ice cream because there wasn't enough to justify putting it back in the freezer.  My grandmother loved ice cream and this was sometimes her excuse for that extra scoop.  She particularly loved orange-pineapple ice cream; I don't think you can get that flavour anymore.

 Meanwhile, just recently I finally got my tomato plants thinned and put about half of them into a dozen pots.  The seeds I planted had a successful sprouting and I'm hoping for lots and lots of tomatoes.  But my plants seem to be a little behind, calendar wise. 
This is one of my sets of tomato plants.  You can't really see here but I have cages set up for those still in the ground.  I'm curious which will fare better, those in containers or those in the ground.

These pots benefited greatly from the dirt I retrieved from our compost bin.  I was thrilled with how much dark, rich soil I found when I turned over the top layers and dug in.  There is lots more too for more plantings.

It's wonderful to see the Tiger Lilies in bloom much to the delight of the hummingbirds as well.  I wanted a couple for a bouquet but didn't want to deprive them of another source of food. 

I have lots of pink begonias that are at their peak now.  But I can see some are starting to lose their vibrancy already.  Next year I think I will plant these in containers as they kind of got lost in the flower beds.

I'm a perennial lover that's for sure.  This property is living proof of the staying power of these wonderful flowers. Most were planted at least two decades ago and they have multiplied and flourished all these years later.  Better Homes and Gardens just  published Top Ten Perennials,
a great guide to help decide which to choose for your garden.  I was pleased to see how many are here and I've made note of the blue pin cushion flower to track down for next year.   Here is what it looks like.

I think a flower named 'pin cushion' would be perfect for a stitcher's garden.Don't you?