Monday 17 August 2015

Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt

The Farmer's Wife 1930's Sampler Quilt

This pieced quilt has been around for decades, well since the thirties, anyway.  It has enjoyed a revival several times thanks to these days of internet sharing.  I've looked at it often and thought if I were to begin a quilt with the possibility of many little blocks, the Farmer's Wife Quilt would be the one I would pick.  I looked at the Dear Jane quilt too and admired the little blocks very much, but kept returning to the Wife's.

I ordered my copy of the book from Amazon and it was here in no time.  I'm looking at this as a future winter project; I hope I'm not being fooled into thinking it would be easy because you can complete a block here and there and in no time, voila, a quilt.
 But I am serious about this.  So on to the next part, deciding on the colours and fabrics.  You can be assured I have a range of fabrics of each colour already resting in my basement stash, so I really, really don't need to go looking for more. ( Convincing self here.)

You don't have to look very far around the web and you will see this quilt completed in just about every shade of the rainbow.
All so pretty and inspiring.

Farmer's wife sampler quilt

  In pinks, browns and black.  From

The Farmer's Wife, 84 x 95", by Carroll Stephens, quilted by Sharon ...

In just about every colour with a dark coloured border by Carroll Stevens at Quilting Inspirations.

In pretty pastels as this one on Pinterest.

 In shades of greens and blues, also found on Pinterest.

Or what about this one worked in reds, pinks, burgundies and white.  Especially striking in a snowy background, heh?  Looks Canadian, that's for sure.

It really is hard to decide and so much depends upon the all important colour choice.  I'm tempted to go with all colours and that way my stash would get more of a workout.  But yet there is something so appealing about those reds and I've never done a quilt in reds.

How do you choose the colour scheme for your bigger projects? 

I have built up a supply of special fabrics and a lot are floral.  I guess I must naturally be drawn to them. I know I have lots of prints in reds but don't think I have much solid.
I'll have another patient look through my bins before I commit.
 That's the beauty of a PIM, it still is in my mind.

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