Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Embroidery Forever

Quietly hunkered down this morning.  Checked on the garden and refilled the bird bath.  We have been having a heat wave.  With a temperature of 34 degrees C yesterday, it felt like stepping into your oven when venturing outside.
 Needless to say the dogs are fed up with all the panting.  And now Day 4 of no big walks.
But they aren't suffering....

So you don't have to feel too sorry for them.

 August here in Ontario and many vegetables are being harvested.  There are several farm stands near us and it's great to get such fresh food.  When I was at Hudson's stand the other day, the son  pulled in on a quad towing a trailer of tomatoes and cucumbers that had just been picked.

                                                   Lots of hay being cut.

                                    It's all farm land around me and on my drive to daughter's.

But at home today, with morning coffee and no errands to run, feeling thankful for lots of stitching time.  This is the finish up of Block 2....

I hope there is time for some leisure and enjoyment of a simple love in your day too.                                    

 Embroidery forever,  housework whenever.