Friday 21 August 2015

Forgetting Can Be Funny Too

The other day I could not think of a word I wanted to say.  I meant to say "he dodged a bullet there", referring to a friend who found out he had had a stomach upset, not a coronary.  I said "he budged a bullet there" and try as I might, I could not come up with dodge.  This has happened to me several times lately.  Hubby who is perpetually dismal about health matters, says it's serious.  Poor word retrieval is the first sign of dementia, he helpfully offers.  I countered by saying at least I knew I was saying the wrong word; surely with dementia you don't know you're using words incorrectly.

 Besides that, I am a woman of a certain age and am seriously missing my estrogens.   He's a man who is convinced of his own continual bodily decline so I guess he would love company.
I know everyone has a  story about forgetfulness and 'senior moments' don't just happen to seniors.  Here is an article about The Ten Everyday Things We Forget.
This proves that most of us are forgetting something just about all the time. Sometimes it's little things like turning off the iron and sometimes it's big, really big things like our kids or our wedding day...yes, I heard the story of a guy who forgot to go to his own wedding. 

The Huffington Post has a compilation of  Hilarious Stories of Forgetfulness. I found them funny and brave too, to share them with the world.  Read them if you want reassurance about your own sanity.

 This topic came up out of the blue the other day at the library when the young librarian told me how she couldn't remember how to spell 'wrestle'; she kept starting with 'r' and stopping because she knew it wasn't right but just couldn't get the  'w'.  But then, she's eight and a half months pregnant so has a good excuse... she has pregnancy brain, which is a real condition.  It even happened to Meryl Streep; she tells the story of how during each pregnancy she suffered brain freeze and would have trouble remembering her lines, and in Hollywood her memory for scripts is legendary.
 Of course, I had to tell this to the librarian.

Meanwhile, we are still coping with high temperatures and humidity.  Very bad for working outside,  my curly hair and the poor pups but if it extends the feeling of summer then it's good. It is a great excuse to sit inside stitching.  Everything has its up side.

Hope your weekend has something you love in it.   

 Rosebud Geraniums and Marigolds

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