Friday 28 August 2015

Us Downtown

Last Sunday, we went downtown.  This is almost a momentous occasion for us.  Though we live only forty-five minutes away from downtown Ottawa, we can count on both hands the number of times we get there in a year.  It is usually friends who entice us and on Sunday we met up for brunch.
I always remind Hubby to drive like a little old man when we have to face the many laned highway with everyone doing over 100kph, but no, his instincts are strong to keep up and not be the car everyone is passing.  I don't share this view at all; I would like to just dwaddle along and ignore the speedsters.  I think it must be a' men and their car' thing.

I'm wearing my summer tunic.  It is made from some viscose/cotton blend and is cool and never needs ironing!  It is a special occasion because I'm wearing my shoes that have little bows on them and despite their prettiness are comfortable (always my first concern).  It was a sweltering day; I can tell  because I'd just gotten out of the car and already my hair is flat.  Hate humidity.
 And I forgot to practice my special side on stance so the camera would be fooled into making me look slimmer than I actually am.  LOL What's the good of knowing such things if you can't remember to do it.
We always go to the same place, Maxwell's, because they have a very long brunch and serve bottomless cups of a cappuccino style coffee.  I had my usual, smoked meat egg scramble but the main attraction was the conversation.

 The topics went like this.

-the weather (wouldn't be Canada without a chat about that, LOL),
.medical as in who's been to the doctor and had what test done with what result,
 -t.v. shows and Netflix viewing,
-books we are all reading,
 -the children and grandchildren,
 and this time, plans for the Labour Day Weekend, the last long weekend of summer which we seem to be facing way too soon...time is moving at a Herculean speed these days, it seems.
A good time all round and I came away with two new authors to look up.

 Returning home I'm struck again by how deep in the woods we are. The house is looking totally cushioned by the trees in this scene.
 Mostly sumac on the right there lining this laneway.  Don't know if you have that where you live.

Here is this week's bouquet from the garden.  A number of ornamental grasses are at their summer height.


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