Monday, 10 August 2015

Things I'm Ignoring This Week

Things I'm ignoring this week ( warning: old woman whining)

That basket of laundry in the back bedroom that needs to be ironed. 

 I know women who love to iron, find it soothing and satisfying to have a pile of wrinkle free items to show for their work.  Not me.  Ironing is the last thing I will want to do though when I do get at it, I think 'this isn't so bad'.  Why the procrastination?  Just don't know.
Hubby, bless his heart, thought the problem was the tool and researched irons and ordered from the U.S. what is considered a wonderful iron. I was suitably pleased by his gesture but ironing remains on the bottom of my to-do list. 

The weeding in the garden

My morning glories are surely going to lose their way if I don't soon  pull out all the grass that is steadily growing higher and winning the race for the best spots on the fence and in the process, obscuring my little purebreds.
There is always weeding to be done. Comes with the territory and why is it weeds grow more profusely than anything else in the garden.

The fuss about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner

I mean kudos to him for doing what he felt needed doing after all these years and if it is a help to others finding their way, all the better.  I'm all for extracting that meaning from the focus on her, but the dress she is wearing or which wedge shoe or who did her makeup is blurring the lines.
 I just think generally too much of our collective attention gets side tracked sometimes to a few celebrities and their various shenanigans.  I used to get so tired of all the Paris Hilton (remember her?) news....
Maybe this is just showing my old fogyness.  Pop culture will always be with us.

The Political Scandals, No Make that Politics in General

My capacity to ignore political stuff is increasing with my age.  I got tired of hearing about Greece there for awhile. I've been sickened by the Canadian Senate scandal involving using tax money for personal use ( for which we caught John Oliver's attention).   I just have to try to smile or else I'd cry.  Which means I do still care.  Oh bother.


That Inner Critic

Who lives in my brain.  I've had the conversation with myself often not to beat myself up about not getting things done. I blame this particular one on retiring; for some reason I  naturally thought when I retired I would have the time to get all the creative/fun things done. I still have a million and one things I want to do and about a million of them are not getting done.  For instance, I have a sketch book full of drawings but nothing has made it beyond those pages.
Yet my days seem so full with just about every minute accounted for which all is a bit of a mystery.

I think he was expressing angst about the Industrial Revolution, but these words of Wordsworth are still so meaningful...

"The world is too much with us; late and soon,

Getting and spending, we lay waste our powers. "

Hope you are making super use of all your powers.