Friday, 14 August 2015

What This Photo of Me Says

First of all, I am wearing the glasses my 10 year old grandson made for me.  They are my Ninja Turtle glasses representing Donatella.  Why Donatella I asked him? Because he's smart and you're smart, he said.  Yes, I'll take that.  Nana still has enough clues to get by a 10 year old.  The day he gave them to me I started out to wear them on our outing and he told me I didn't have to do that; just around the house was fine. Smile  So here I am sporting them in my kitchen.
Behind me you can see several of the small appliances I am fond of.  The rice maker has made my life easier; I can't believe how long it took me to buy one.  Also there is my popcorn maker.  Truthfully I would not have this but our microwave is a large, very old Panasonic that lacks the power to pop corn.  You can see a corner of it there by the toaster.  This side of the fridge is where I tack current coupons.  I am always full of good intentions to make use of these but more often than not they run out.
See that cupboard door slightly ajar over my left shoulder.  It won't stay shut.  I jokingly say it is the deceased first woman of the house letting us know she is around.  I close it carefully several times a day but when I come back, it is ajar again.  I don't mind at all; she was a fabulous gourmet cook so the kitchen is a logical place for her to hang out. LOL
 There were spices still in the cupboard from her day when I arrived-things I'd only read about.  She had a mandolin slicer and pans for baking all kinds of special cookies and this was back in the 70's - pre Martha Stewart and cooking shows. I unearthed a lovely photo of her standing right where I am and the kitchen island was lined with her beautiful baking. And she grew all her own herbs and vegetables; as you can tell, I have nothing but admiration for her. So if she wants to visit her old stomping ground, she is more than welcome.  If only she could lend a real hand....