Monday 3 August 2015

Back Home

Back home and getting back to normal, whatever my normal is...

Slow going here this morning.
  Just doing an inspection after morning coffee.  First the floors; Rex is shedding like crazy.   Hubby ran the roomba while I was away but corners definitely need vacuuming.  Checked out the fridge; need fresh things badly which means he's eaten all the tomatoes, lettuce, peppers and green onions I'd purposely left for him, which is good.
 It's going to have to be a quick pasta meal tonight.

Spying the house from the laneway after just a week away, I was surprised by how deep in the woods it looked.  All the plants, bushes and trees are now in their most mature summer state and the house looked dwarfed and mostly hidden.

I got the biggest welcome from my dogs, Rex and Murphy.  Let's just say they were suitably excited to see me in the way that dogs are, much yipping and jumping.  So much so that before even my suitcase was out of the car, I leashed Murphy and we took our usual walk just to appease them.  But it gave me a chance to have a look around and see what growing has taken place in  the various plots.
Hubby did a great job of watering throughout the week of blistering hot weather I missed.  

Thank you to all who wished me a good trip.  Your wishes helped I'm sure.

The little grandson was, despite our apprehensions, a great traveler.  The planes and all the strangers were enthralling enough to keep him occupied most of the time.  Daughter had made a trip to the Dollar Store and had in her mommy arsenal a number of items new to him for those odd times when he needed a diversion.  I am always amazed at the intricate design of some of these very cheap items; they have lights and noises and moving parts and are made from interesting materials...stretchable and moldable or real wood.

At the great-grandparents, having at least six sets of adult eyes on him at all times, didn't faze him.   He danced and played and ate and explored every single inch of the apartment.  It is safe to say his fingerprints are everywhere; some my sentimental mother says, will not be removed.

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