Thursday, 6 August 2015

His Motto is "On The Go"


"Grandmas are moms with lots of frosting."

Usually three days of most weeks I babysit my younger grandson.  He is at that interesting stage of growth, betwixt and between infancy and childhood, a toddler.  It means he has the locomotion down pat...he can now race around, and knows to use stools, bureau drawers, chairs or boxes to aid in climbing.  But he doesn't have the sense to know what is safe and what is dangerous.  His curiosity knows no boundary. He will refuse a snack, sleep or cuddles to examine a small hole he has just spied in the wall; a hole no adult has ever noticed.  The very first thing he will want to do is put his finger in it. 
He is a typical active 20 month old who just goes from one thing to the next during his day. One minute riding his little scooter or balancing on his rocking horse, but the next trying to fit himself on the narrow window ledge to reach a fly.    I try to stay within arms' length because he is such an avid climber with a strong dash of dare devil thrown into his makeup. 
 Right now it is all about exploring and conquering his physical space.   

                              He asks two questions often and by often I mean all the time..
                              'what is this?'  and 'what is that?'

Eggs are very appealing as he loves to pick off the shell.  Likewise the Babybel cheese.  He loves picking off  the cellophane and the red rind. 

  He has a great appetite which delights the grandmothers and luckily will happily eat greens and other vegetables, so far. We know this can change in a heartbeat.

 He is trying to get his blankets to stay put on the sides; he succeeded in making a little fort which he sat in and looked at a book for about three minutes.  

                                   The car is one of his favourite places to be.  On the go.

But it's when he wakes from his nap that is my favourite time with him.  He is very quiet and cuddly and that is when I get to read to him.  For about five minutes.  Then it is back to 'on the go'.

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