Monday, 24 August 2015

When Do You Stitch?

My mother still knits and crochets.  That gives me hope that when I am older and in my eighties I might be able to do so too.  I always think that Mom and I are so much  alike, especially in body but who knows.  It seems each life's journey winds up being unique.

Most of what Mom creates these days is dish clothes.  She claims to not have patience anymore for more complicated items though she is talking about tackling an afghan this winter.

When do you get to stitch?
 I treat my stitching time like it is a reward.  Usually the morning is taken up with chores around the house and garden. Because I've often been out of house for a day or two,there is always lots to do.  After lunch and Hubby is nap taking is when I can get to my stitching.  I like to start with the Strawberry Thief while the light in the living  room is at its' peak of brightness.  I love watching t.v. while I'm stitching whether its a bad movie, one of a series, Dr. Phil, Dateline, a documentary, etc.  I don't watch nature films or suspense movies because you've got to keep your eyes on them to appreciate what's happening.

It's great to be back on track with my stitching.  Block 2 is finished and I have a good beginning on Block 3.  Here are some shots of number 2.

I'm loving how the old sheeting is working out as background material.  It is firm enough to hold the stitches but soft enough to easily slide the needle through.  It irons up nicely too.

And my cross stitch Strawberry Thief is coming along.  I had to undo a couple more lines of stitches.  I think my problem is the pattern is in the book with the colour changes marked with a pastel wash so it isn't that easy to spy the wee little blocks to count.

These are a couple of purchases I made recently when I got to a Joann's across the border.  I decided to buy the magnetic board as a help for my cross stitch.  I'm using it in my book which means it isn't perfectly placed but the magnetic bars are a help to keeping on track with the lines of stitches.  I still have to count on my own. LOL

Do you notice birdy has two different coloured legs.  Another mistake of mine.  What am I going to do with myself?! More unsewing. Dateline must have had a good show on that day is all I can say as my excuse.