Friday, 7 August 2015

Pleasing Perennials and An Ancient Wildflower

 My garden bouquet this week and the emphasis is on the yellows.  Of interest is the daisy like flower here which is Inula.  This is a perennial planted many decades ago and it has spread far and wide across the property.  Here they grow very tall, 3 to 5 feet, and are a treat to spy in between lots of thick wild vegetation.  Inula are hardy and long-blooming which makes them ideal for a garden.

Their leaves are very long and such a pretty shade of green I like to include them too.  Inula stand up  well as a cut flower which makes them perfect for my table this week.

The other yellow flower in this bunch is the Common Tansy.  To the right of our laneway, bunches and bunches of  this wildflower, Tansy, are now in bloom.  I must admit I just love the close up view of them...all these little button like flowers forming the one large cluster.  For centuries, this plant was used medicinally and its leaves can be used for a sage like seasoning.
In with this bunch, there are a few sprigs of white yarrow just starting to bloom to give a little contrast.

I took this photo on my walk  yesterday. The whole trail is darkened these days because of  the roof like canopy the meeting tree tops are forming.  It is pleasant and cool on a hot day.