Wednesday, 26 August 2015

Epic Cake Fail

I can count on two fingers the number of times I've had a cake fail.

 Today was one of them and it had nothing to do with the humidity this time.  We've had a lot of fresh food in the house lately including a large bag of oranges.  Sometimes it is hard for just the two of us to use up something before it starts to show its age and I was beginning to think the oranges would fall into that category.  Then it occurred to me to make a cake, an orange cake.

 I glanced around the web and found a recipe to use.  It showed a photo of a lovely lofty cake.  I had to make sure first that I had the three cups of butter it called for and sure enough, they were there in the freezer.  When I was beating the butter and four eggs, it seemed like an awful lot of butter in comparison to the dry ingredient which was two cups of flour.  Anyway, it all beat up lovely and creamy so I started to feel a little better about the butter amount. You had to use the juice of 3 oranges, boil that with sugar and make a nice treacly kind of mixture that got mixed in the batter with a little saved to pour over the finished cake.  This too worked well and tasted delicious.

All good, I thought.

  The combined batter seemed a little on the wet side, but then some are like that.  Moist is the word I thought would probably be describing my eventual cake.  Later on it came out of the oven lofty just like the photo, but alas, as it cooled it gradually sank till it was just a couple of inches tall.  Removing it from the pan in one piece was impossible. What an orangey mess!

But guess what.  It tasted delicious, buttery and orangey.   Hubby ate a bowl of it tonight and loved it.  I think he thought it was another pudding type cake I'd made and didn't  know it was really an epic cake fail.  But then, if it gets eaten up and enjoyed, maybe it doesn't matter it didn't hold together like a real cake.
However, I won't be using that recipe again.