Thursday 27 August 2015

Thrift Shop Finds

Daughter and I combed a thrift shop in Perth recently.  That's Perth, Ontario not Australia!
It was one of those old stores that went on and on, just as you'd think you were at the end there was another little room tucked away to browse.

 Here's what I didn't buy but looked at hard and long

2 sets of dishes
These were real china in patterns I loved and seemed to have all the accessories, settings for 8 for less than a hundred dollars.  And because they were someone's good china, not a mark or scratch to be seen.

A set of book ends that were china dogs

A hand knit cardigan with an Icelandic pattern in gray, rose and white colours

A stack of cross stitch magazines from the 80's

A little hand made wooden table big enough to hold your coffee cup to place by your chair

And this very special piece, a Hummel Girl With Umbrella with certificate which I just have to show you...


She is large, over five inches, especially as the Hummels usually go and was priced at $495.00.  I was ever so tempted because I just felt this was a good price but especially because I love these figurines.  Anyway, I didn't and when I looked her up at home, found out her list value is around $750.  But then I know there are so many reproductions too and as well, I'm determined to keep my collecting days behind me. But I will think of her from time to time.

 I didn't buy any of these things though they are still in my mind, as you can tell. This is a non profit store with proceeds going to a specific charity overseas so that alone could have been a good reason to spend money there.

However, here's what I did buy.

What my mother would call a lunch cloth, this one with a woman at her spinning wheel design in cross stitch.  This cloth also has a pretty crocheted edging all around and is in immaculate condition. 

The Anchor Book of Crewel Stitches and Patterns.  Lovely little book with very clear and pretty diagrams. A great resource for choosing colours for stitchery as well.

Several bundles of old linens just the kind I like for my stitching projects and at a couple of dollars, well worth it.

It's always fun to scout out deals and real finds at these stores.  There was so much stuff in this particular store and so much of it good quality, I just don't know why everyone isn't shopping there.

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