Monday 21 September 2015

3 Things I Love About This Project

I am happily crocheting my Granny Stripe Blanket and there are a couple of things I'm loving about this project.

1. The wool, Stylecraft Special Dk, is just as soft and yet not unstranding as all the reviews had promised.  For an acrylic type yarn, it is quite nice.  The colours are cheery too.

2. I'm enjoying how portable it is.  I put two balls in my carrybag and when littler grandson has his nap, I get a chance to crochet.  I actually put my feet up and crochet which is totally decadent.  Don't judge; you haven't seen the running round I generally do.  At almost 2, grandson is totally physical and I try to join him in his activity as much as this 60+ body will allow.  Tiring yes, but what a joy this is for me to spend time with him.

3. I can't believe how quickly and easily this is working up.  Granny Square pattern is pretty basic so you can work away at it without thinking and keep an eye on  a t.v. show which is a another plus for me.

I have a knitting project in mind now that wool season is approaching.  I'm a little reluctant to mention it because I usually like to work on a Christmas project or two during the actual season. Do you like to do that as well?

 Oh well, there's a long winter ahead, sigh, so plenty of time for woolly things.

Besides which, how many of these WIP's become too many.  

 Crocheting: Good Enough for the Queen:

You know she really did crochet and is credited with turning the past time into a trend in England.

Crocheting was not taken as seriously as it should have been for many years.  It was considered a craft but these days so many artists are crocheting, it seems to be enjoying newfound respect.  I was reading about a young graduate of the Royal School of Needlework who while a serious embroiderer, crochets in her free time.  She says many of her classmates are also crocheting for relaxation.  It's wonderful to read that.  

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