Thursday 24 September 2015

What is Your Dream Meal

My mother had a 'company' dinner that was a favourite of hers to eat and serve.
  She always made carrot soup as a starter, then a baked salmon with bread stuffing, served with a vegetable terrine,  and always creme caramel for dessert.  She served this meal many times to many people over the years.  She even had a special glass loaf pan she would use to bake the terrine.  I tried this meal myself once for company.  Of course, I didn't think anything I made tasted as good as hers did.  But I am one of those people who thinks whatever someone else cooks tastes better. And hey if it is going to be served to me, I'm going to like it.

Being a person who likes everything except marmite (sorry marmite fans), narrowing down to one choice for a dream meal is tough but I think I can do it.
The main course of my Dream Meal is unattainable to me.  I would like to have fresh cod fish fried up by my mother.  I'll never forget about five years ago I was staying with them at their summer place and a neighbour brought us a whole cod fish he had just caught.  My mother cut it up and pan fried it and the three of us ate it all in one sitting.  I can't describe just how good it tasted to me but I never forgot it.  Being a Newfoundlander plays a role in this; not all of us love cod fish, the main staple for the island's economy for many years, but I'm one who does.

  Here is a Bonita's Kitchen video showing how she fries her cod.

With the cod?  Real French fries, not frozen.  Dessert?  Not sure, maybe the Salted Caramel Ice Cream I talked about around last Christmas.  I seriously can't have that stuff in the house because it keeps calling my name till it's all gone.

I have read with some interest (a little morbid) what prisoners on Death Row order for their last meal. That would have to be a person's Dream Meal, wouldn't it?  Not surprising there's always requests for lots of lobster, steak or pizza and they can sometimes have their family with them for the meal.
There is a site called  Famous Last Meals where you can read what people have requested  and it ranges from things like cheesies to ice cream to full three course meals. There are a few surprises about this whole thing, one being the number of people who make no request at all. Then they are often served steak and eggs.  Also some prisons have no last meal policy and avoid the whole request thing.  The death row prisoners then get whatever is on the jail menu for that day. That seems a little anti-climatic to me.

So what is your Dream Meal?


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