Thursday 3 September 2015

I Know I Am a Wildflower

Parents of school aged kids are quickly approaching "The most wonderful day of the year" as their little ones return to school.
  I'm here giving my head a shake.  Where did summer go?  I'd really thought it would hang around a lot longer and see me through a few more projects both in the house and in the garden.  Is it just me who feels like time has begun to feel like nothingness, a day begins and winds down in what seems like mere moments.  It makes me think of the saying from the Bible

"The life of mortals is like grass; they flourish like the flowers of the field."  

Since moving here to this property, I have a deeper understanding of just how short lived those flowers of the field or wildflowers are.  They don't get the protection of a gardener's care with soil and water and specially chosen site in the garden.  Some survive mere hours.
 But yet they return each year, they 'abide' as the Bible would put it.  So I guess there is comfort in that.

Speaking of abiding...

My orchid continues in a state of bloom that is a little confounding, but enjoyable.  That is my little sprig of coleus beside it that has greatly benefited by summer sun. Nothing I did.

Do you notice something else in that picture?  Outside on the ground; yes those are fallen leaves from the birch tree.  It is always the first to drop its leaves and yes, drats, it is a sign that the season is changing.  

I've had to repot all the African violets as they've also grown and multiplied; amazing what a difference the longer days of light can make.  Two new ones...

And more violets. I especially love how my little sprig of a shamrock there on the right has flourished.  I did discover that it doesn't 'like' direct sunlight; prefers the indirect light and also light watering.  Mine had white flowers all summer.

Here are flowers of the field on fabric, namely my Block 3 of Hazel's Summer Wildflowers Quilt.

I am keeping consistency throughout the blocks by using mostly the same colours and stitches. I am halfway through the embroidery stage of this project and still enjoying it very much. The flowers definitely have a vintage 'feel'.

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