Tuesday 22 September 2015

What Tools Do You Use?

This is my orts dish.  I clean it out just about every day and always register surprise at how many threads I seem to generate. (Just the way I seem to have no trouble filling the compost pail I keep in the kitchen.) But then I do have two projects using threads on the go.

Here are my embroidery scissors that have been around my neck and in my hand for about five years now.  They replace a pair I lost that had been specially ordered from Germany for me.  I don't love these scissors quite as much as I did the old but these have a feature I find very useful.  You know how I am always having to unsew?  These have two little bits of metal sticking out on the points that catch perfectly in a stitch to pull it out.  See the ribbon; I got that ribbon from a Godiva chocolate box and it has only recently started to pill.  Good quality that.

A while back I noticed many quilters recommending using this special ruler.  There are only special rulers these days it seems.  I can't keep up with the array of marvellous patterns that specialty rulers can achieve.
But this little six inch has a special feature too...an added on quarter inch on one side.  This is marvelous and I'm liking not having to eyeball the quarter inch seam now as I'm drawing out my patterns for the current quilting project...more about that later.  This particular ruler was a campaign promotion for the Breast Cancer Society so I figured Win Win.

My tools are  pretty low tech; I'm not much of a gadget kind of person. I'm still mastering the rotary cutter, seriously.  I only just learned I should be lubricating my cutting mat to help it heal and last.  Who knew?

Here's a pet peeve of mine about gadgets.  It annoys me when I look at a wonderful video showing how to easily make a complicated looking quilt block only to find out you need a gadget or specialty ruler to accomplish it. That happens a lot.

So are you a gadget gal? Have you got one you think I should know about? 

  And before I leave you today, I want to show you my pretty New England Asters in their fall bloom.  They are also called Michaelmas Daisies.  Clumps of them were planted around the property many years ago and they still come again each year.  I think it is the only purple flower besides the violet lilac tree that grows here.

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