Wednesday, 9 September 2015

British Show To Stitch To and Free Pumpkin Pattern

This was recommended as one of those British shows to stitch to... Death Comes to Pemberley.

And I gave it a go as you can see.  However, I found it wasn't that suitable for stitching to.  Being a period piece with all the costumes and beautiful homes and such makes it a visually enjoyable program.  I found I kept wanting to look at it all and couldn't do the two things at once, note the dresses and pretty shawls and stitch too.  I'll have to save it for night time viewing is what I decided.

My Strawberry Thief has not been neglected.  Bits of leaves and the edging left to do which is really the most boring part, but with no counting involved which is a good thing for me.  LOL

34 degrees C  yesterday when I took these pictures.  The heat pump was sending cooler air through the house but it is no match for that very large bow window and the solar heat it generates there in the living room.  What you can't see is the tall tower fan Hubby bought me so I can use the living room despite the heat.  It's been getting a real workout the last couple of weeks.

I use a fishing tackle box for my embroidery threads.  I bought this one at Walmart across the border for $15 five years ago.  Unfortunately when we got Murphy, the first day she was with us, she jumped onto the flap and broke it.

So it has not worked exactly as it should despite Hubbys' efforts to fix it.  I've looked but not found a large box like this anywhere only small ones.

And despite the heat, the season is moving into fall.  With that in mind, you should check out McCall's free patterns available for downloading, one of which is this one of pumpkins and gourds. 

Pumpkins & Gourd

Pumpkins are such happy looking vegetables and one of the things I love about fall.