Friday 4 September 2015

Getting Lost Literally

"Getting lost is just another way of saying 'going exploring'. "

                                                                                                 Justina Chen

I've spoken about my directional deficit before. A number of readers wrote me to say they have the same deficit and that there is research to back up the fact that women have a terrible sense of direction. 

This week it was in full play when the dogs and I did our usual walk. We'd walked to the top of the trail and I decided on the way back that we could go off the path and walk through the woods sort of parallel to the path.  It would perhaps give Murphy something different to sniff.  I also had my camera and thought I might see something a little different to photograph.  Somehow I got turned around and spent what Hubby and I figured out afterwards was an hour and half lost.

I should explain there are about 65 acres of bush behind us and to the left so plenty of space for me to lose my way.  This acreage at this time of year looks more or less alike with no distinguishing land marks to get your bearings and farm houses are sparse.

I had two moments of panic, first when I realized I was really lost and another time when I thought of the neighbour telling us about several bears in those woods.  The dogs were no help; Rex was running all about generally loving the new woods we were exploring.  Murphy on the lead, was following her nose, continually wrapping the lead around branches.   The thick brush made hard going too with so many prickly branches and fallen logs and  general rough terrain.  Most places you couldn't see a hand in front of your face.

I thought for the first while I was going in the right direction towards home.  Hubby and I looked at it on the computer later and Google Earth showed me I was in fact at that point walking in the opposite direction from home.  I came to the back of a property I didn't recognize and realized I'd somehow made it to the road well behind us but at least that helped me right myself in the direction of home.  I never did find our own walking trail during all my blundering about. In the end I somehow emerged from the woods onto our main road well away from our house but close to the nearest farm house which I was so thankful to recognize.

When I walked up our lane, Hubby was just getting the 4 wheeler out to come look for me.  He'd  started his nap when I left the house and had no clue I was gone as long as I was. This is the second time I've lost my way in those woods.  Last time it was fall and I could see through the leafless trees so I was lost for just a half hour or so.

Anyway, we've agreed that I will take my phone with me from now on when I go up the trail.  Not a big phone person so I guess that's why I never thought of that before.

This week has been a bad week with the news dominated by the story of 9 million Syrian refugees fleeing their country and seeking entry into neighbouring countries.  My heart goes out to them. 

  It sure puts my 90 minute adventure thrashing around in my own back yard into perspective, doesn't it?

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