Tuesday, 15 September 2015

7 Things I'm Loving This Week

Lots to love this week, and here are a few things I found.

 This Saying

As August seemed to come and go in the blink of an eye, September hurried in before I was even thinking Autumn (and we've already heard about snow falling out west, yikes), we cling to these last days of warmth and sunshine.

"Steep thyself in a bowl of summer." so said Virgil and I add "while you still can"  here in this hemisphere.  Temperatures forecast to stay in the high twenties for the rest of this week; just right for getting outside.

These are this year's Morning Glories and the first of them to make it to the top of the fence.  It really is too bad they close up before day's end because they are such a pretty sight in the morning.

Depression Glass Earrings

Do you know someone who collects Depression glassware?  My sister is very fond of her little collection.  These earrings are made of depression glass and I think would make a special gift for her or anyone who likes collecting glass.  


And with jewelry in mind...

Jeweler In The Dishwasher: Home Jewelry Cleaning..

What about a way to clean your jewelry in the dishwasher.  I have no idea if that is a good idea or not; on second thought maybe not.

Both these items and many more unique gift ideas are available from Uncommon Goods.

The Red Brolly Seed Packet Quilt

seed packet quilt pattern by red brolly 5

This is a set of patterns for nine stitched flower pictures and instructions for putting them together to make a small quilt.  They are to be found at the wonderful Red Brolly site. 

Seed Packet Quilt

All the favourite flowers are included.

This cookbook,

Short and Sweet by the UK Guardian food writer, Dan Lepard.  With over 500 pages of cakes, pies, desserts and breads this is one hefty, well-packed cook book.  And your cupboard does not have to be posh to make most of these recipes.  I borrowed this copy from the library and liked it so much I've ordered my own from Amazon, a used but in good condition copy for $7.95. 

Something Exquisite

 Isn't this breathtaking?  This is from Wilmer Galeano's page on Facebook.  Just have to stand back and admire such a Cinderella dress.  It reminds me a little of the wedding dresses sometimes seen on those t.v. gypsy wedding programs.  This one is stunning and elegant at the same time.

Tula Pink is a designer and artist who has several quilting books plus lines of fabric to her credit. 
She has published a colouring book that looks delightful.  I have her quilting book, 100 Modern Quilt Blocks on my night stand now. 

The designs look amazing; I was thinking they would make the most wonderful embroidery patterns. It is available from Amazon  and costs about ten dollars.  

So many wonderful things, big and small to ogle and love.