Tuesday 1 September 2015

All Over the Place

Week 2 of kitchen like this.  More or less in slings.  

Our twenty year old Mielle dishwasher is broken.  I'd been present several years back when it broke down and Hubby was able to fix it that time.  But he doesn't think he can resurrect it this time.  The big motor is completely kaput. Having the dishwasher pulled out revealed lots of evidence of mouse families making cosy homes beneath it.  Oh dear, there are always mice here.
Some weeks are like this...a little more inconvenience and upset which is very little in the big scheme of things.

I must show you this.  The very last nesting bird is in the sumac tree in the back yard and regrettably I don't know exactly what kind it is.  I thought it was a cedar waxwing because we always have a pair in that area of the lilac/sumac in the back yard.  However, I watched it fly to the big pine tree and could see clearly it was not a waxwing.  But it is a fruit eating bird because I watched it pick at some tree berry one day and like the waxwings, it must nest later when the fruit are ripe.I think there is one chick in this nest.

Lunch yesterday.  Daughter had given me a head of cauliflower she wasn't going to get to so I used it to make a cauliflower and cheddar soup, one of Hubby's favourites...especially with the bread.  It did have a nice flavour; I roasted the cauliflower first and you have to be very careful not to let it scorch which I find it does easily.  But I think that step of oven roasting vegetables is worth it as it deepens the flavours somehow.
The oven won't be pressed into service for the next several days as the forecast is telling us we are headed into another heat wave. 

I wrote a post about everything Scandi yesterday, as in Scandinavian which is so popular these days.  I opened one of my embroidery sites today and there was a tutorial on Scandi style embroidery.
It was found at Hoogally and Susan offers another tutorial of Christmas Scandi style embroidered hearts which are red and white and pretty. Worth taking a look.

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