Monday 7 September 2015

Monday Melange

Happy Labour Day to those who are celebrating this holiday. Long weekends are so good.

My Monday Melange includes this poem by the wonderful Mary Oliver.

 How could she know these words so describe me!

The wonder of what knitting/crocheting fingers can do.  In this case little nests for the wee birds at the Ottawa Wild Bird Sanctuary.  The staff report that they love these.

 What a popular trend adult colouring is turning out to be.  I recently looked through a huge display of adult colouring books at Chapters.  Some of the art work was incredible and I could be very happy colouring pages such as this below. The link to an article on Craft Gossip is HERE.

 And a little sweet instead of a bikkie to go with a cup of tea...Cherry Blossom Snowballs.  I make Chocolate Snowballs all the time mostly because no baking is involved; mine do not have cherries. Must try this variation sometime perhaps for Christmas.

 The recipe is found at Saltjunk, a site featuring good old time Newfoundland recipes.

 I love owls.  I'm  not sure what it is about them that I like; maybe just the big eyes that appeal. But I have watched this little video many times and it always delights me. Hope you like it too.

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