Monday, 28 September 2015

Worth Leaving the House For

Sunday past was another wonderful day to be outdoors.  I decided early in the morning this would be the day for our annual picnic in the back woods...yes, the selfsame that I lost myself in a few weeks back.  However, with Hubby with me I figured I would be okay. We both grew up with picnicking as favourite family activities and I always wish we did more these days, especially with a woods literally outside our back door.

The dogs were mightily excited to have both of us walking up the trail with them.  They are used to us taking turns so they get two walks instead of one.

                               Hubby with Murphy heading up the trail

                        Picking a log to sit on is easy, so many old and fallen trees.

                               Rex had exhausted himself running around;

                                never catches a thing.

                                         He kept a constant eye though.

                            Our picnic, egg salad on white bread sandwiches 

                                and apples, Red Delicious, Hubby's choices

                      Murphy is a true Labrador.  She loves her stomach

                       and she loves  apples.

                                               A lovely day out 

It's a shame Murphy has to be kept leashed.  But her nose would have her in the next county in no time if she wasn't on a lead.  We noted many different kinds of mushrooms around.  Conditions obviously favoured them this summer.   But I didn't see one bird or animal to get a photo for you; I guess Rex made sure of that.