Thursday, 17 September 2015

I Don't Want Marble Halls

"I don't want sunbursts or marble halls.  I just want you."

                                  Anne Shirley to Gilbert Blythe in Anne of Avonlea

I wanted to write you that sweet saying because I read that the actor, Jonathan Crombie, who played the role of Gilbert in the t.v. series, died last week.  He was a wonderful Gilbert just like what those of us who read and loved the books would have wanted him to be.  You might have heard of the book Anne of Green Gables; Anne of Avonlea follows the grown up Anne into marriage.

Well, I definitely don't have any marble halls or marble anything for that matter, but I do have sunbursts today.  Love the way the warm weather is lingering.
 The last two nights have been balmy, almost tropical in feeling with clear skies that opened up all the stars for viewing.  This is a sky map of the stars over Ottawa tonight; a very busy sky and here in the country, clear as a bell.

current night sky over Ottawa

When we hosted Hubby's young English cousin last September, he would make a point of looking at the sky each night.  He was totally awed by the stars; apparently in his part of London, he hadn't seen stars in years.

 We are eating lots of green beans from our garden these days.  I usually pick a bunch and boil with a little sugar added to the water.  Then put a dab of butter for the plate.  They are good and even Hubby who is not a big bean fan enjoys these

Acorns are all over the property; the front lawn is completely peppered.   Even the very oldest oak tree has sprouted more than I have seen since living here.  If you stand under it, you have a good chance of being struck by an acorn.  The squirrels and chipmunks are having a field day, busily collecting them for the winter of course. It made me remember my Nicola Jarvis embroidery kit, Acorn, that I have tucked away in my stash. 

 The old farmers used to believe that all these acorns were a sign of a cold winter to come.  Gosh, hope that is just an old wive's tale. 

This little dish was one of my thrift store finds; it is stamped simply Japan on the bottom.  Of course I loved the little bird bending over in the center.  But the dish itself is a bit of mystery; it is like the maker couldn't decide if it should be a butterfly or a leaf and it has features of both.  Whatever, it is a great little catchall on the coffee table.

Well, today's chore is off to the library, which is no chore at all.  Don't know why I said that.