Saturday, 14 March 2015

We Need a Couple of Things at Costco

I keep saying they need to build another Costco around here.  Every time we venture into the nearest  one, there are so many people all maneuvering those gigantic carts around the aisles, it's a bit overwhelming. Several times we've looked at the number of cars in the parking lot and driven on by; in fairness to Costco that would typically be later in the day or weekends.  However, we feed our dogs the Kirkland brand of dog food called Nature's Domain and we pick up the denta bones and other dog treats there.  So sometimes we have to make the effort and we've discovered early morning is the lowest traffic times for us seniors.
I've always been intrigued by the placement of their products.  To have a warehouse type store that offers you diamonds within feet of the entrance is an interesting concept. Who would have thought that would work, but unquestionably it does.
 Of course, the treats for people are endless there too; no meager portions of anything.  I always have my work cut out for me when I get home...separating all the meat into meal sized portions for us before freezing.  I'm told their products are the most researched items on any store shelf and I can believe that. Their quality control seems exceptional; I favour their chicken and salmon especially and their produce is always fresh and the variety is superior to any found elsewhere.  I just love the figs, dates and choice of cheeses they carry. I've shown you some of the specialty items I buy that I can't seem to find anywhere else. Over in Quebec, the Costco carries a full selection of wine and I'm not sure why ours doesn't; I guess some kind of liquor board laws.
 Hubby has discovered  their dispensing fee for drugs is the lowest around and the batteries sold in their Hearing Clinic are substantially cheaper than anywhere else. Of course, the magazines, books, toys and household items are also the best prices. Hubby keeps eyeing longingly the workshop furniture, if only he were younger and just setting his up.
 I read on Facebook, Costco has a code for pricing products that goes like this.  If the price ends in .99 that product is full price; if .97 it has been marked down by the manager and if it ends in .49 or .79 that is the manufacturer's discount. 
We run in for a few items and typically come out pushing a cart full of stuff....conspicuous consumption, I know. I know.

"I'm sort of like Costco.  I'm big, I'm not fancy and I dare you to not like me." -Cameron