Tuesday, 31 March 2015

Leek Quiche..Another Kind of Comfort Food

With grandson and watching Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 and there it is, a leek joke.  The crew and talking vegetables are in a boat and someone shouts " there's a leek in the boat" and of course mayhem ensues with even the leek itself freaking out. In fact, people enjoyed his  little scream so much it got replayed over and over on Youtube.

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I showed you a photo of a bunch of leeks I had that needed using up.  Sometimes I get ahead of myself and seem to have the fridge loaded with fresh food that all need to be put to use at the same time.  I was tempted to make a potato and leek soup, but I've been making a lot of soup lately it seems and Hubby loves anything to do with biscuits or crust, so I decided to make a quiche.

First I made the pastry and I always use the same recipe, my old faithful originally copied straight from the Crisco can...

I put about a cup of grated swiss cheese in the bottom of the crust and sprinkled a tablespoon of flour over it.  Then I heated olive oil in a fry pan and sauteed an onion, my chopped leeks ( I had 4 in my bunch), a handful of kale and a few zucchini that I 'discovered' in the fridge crisper. ( I can never seem to leave a recipe alone; I've always got to tweak it or add to it my own ingredients.)

I beat together three eggs, 1 cup of cream, a little salt and pepper and a pinch of thyme.  That was all I put in it this time.  Sometimes I've added bacon and in fact, Hubby was disappointed this was not one of those times.  This is one of those dishes it is recommended to start in a very hot oven.  I had mine at 400 F for the first 15 minutes, then reduced it to 325 F and continued the baking for another 30 minutes till I felt it was brown enough.  In fact, when I took it out, I felt mine looked too brown and I shouldn't have left it for the full 30 minutes.  This is when multi-tasking while baking doesn't always go hand in hand.

I made a salad of purple cabbage and more kale to go with my quiche. I wish I'd taken a photo of  that but it slipped my mind.  The quiche was fine; Hubby said it was tasty especially the crust.