Wednesday, 25 March 2015

I Love Debbie Bliss Andes Wool

And ta da, here is what was in my parcel.

After falling in love with the Japanese Flower granny square scarf made by Lucy at  Attic 24 , I couldn't resist doing some research on the wool she used.  It is Debbie Bliss Andes and as described is a luxurious blend of baby alpaca and silk made in Peru. The reviews about this yarn were overwhelmingly positive with most praising its softness and feel while working it.  I guess reasons why it is bought up everywhere as I would find out. Debbie Bliss is well known in the wool world having her own magazine, authored many knitting books, and put her label on a whole line of yarns.
This is one of her books I borrowed from the library and I was attracted because the projects all looked doable for even me, a novice knitter.  It was published in 2005 and is called simply Home.

This project below, in particular, is a gorgeous blue using the relatively simple Moss stitch and what a lovely throw it produced. There are several videos of Debbie on Youtube; what an accomplished and interesting lady.

I had the darndest time trying to track down the Andes yarn .  Most yarn shops both online and local seemed to have only a colour or two and many said they were all sold out. Finally I happened upon Infinite Yarns  in Farmingdale, New York and lo and behold, they had in stock all the colours. I had a lovely chat with the lady who helped me with my order and who was very interested in how I heard about this particular yarn.  She made note of  Attic24 to have a look at Lucy's lovely scarf.
 Now this wool is not cheap; I'm still in mild shock at spending the most money I have ever spent on wool in my life.
But they did not lie; this wool does feel divine and the colours are beautiful. Whenever I have a few spare moments, I am busy rolling it into balls and daydreaming about what to make with it.
What is it about beautiful wool that stirs us wool-loving people so....