Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Maybe Attic24 is the Best

Any body else playing the game 7 Little Words?  I have it installed on my tablet and usually work a couple of puzzles during commercial breaks.  I can see why people say it is addictive.  Because it doesn't rely on the syllables we usually break words into, the lettered bits are a little more challenging to fit together...a little more of a brain work-out hopefully.   I remember Julianne Moore in Still Alice describing how her memory problems were affecting her word recall; she says something like... 'the words are hanging in front of me but I can't reach them'.  It must be similar to when a word is on the tip of your tongue; so close you've almost got it but not quite.  If you are like me, that word inexplicably drops like a penny into your mind later on, when the need to remember is past.

In crocheting news, I follow several crocheting blogs faithfully. Today I want to tell you about one that I am completely over the moon about and that is Attic24; the link is here to this most wonderful of yarn/crochet blogs.  Lucy has an amazing eye for colours and provides some of the best tutorials I've come across on the web. Her photos are beautiful and inspiring. You really must visit her site or check her Flikr photo stream to see the way she has taken crocheting to a whole new level.  Her palette for everything she puts together whether it is a bowl of tangerines sitting on a cloth or the colours of  her blanket creations, is gorgeous and bright and happy.

    Image result for attic24

 See these beautiful crocheted round granny squares; aren't the colours pretty. The link to Lucy's most excellent post all about them  is  HERE .
She made these Japanese Flower granny squares into a beautiful scarf which to me would feel like wearing a work of art. Feeling totally smitten about this particular project.