Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Meting Out the Good Stuff and Cuddle Something

Cuddle something; it's still winter out there.

I mentioned we are finally into Season 4 of Breaking Bad.  I would be all for marathoning through the seasons especially with these long winter evenings but Hubby's nature is in defiance of this.  Something good must be carefully meted out, in his opinion.  It is why a chocolate takes four bites to eat and though he does eat chocolates, he's skinny.  A lesson there for me.

Meanwhile, I have now knit up two of my three balls of Paton's Classic Wool and I am pleased with how much length one more ball will give me.  I can now knit this stitch, Mistake Rib, without thinking which makes it perfect for combining with t.v. viewing.

There is a poem by Khalil Gibran that has a line something like how the wind is longing to play with your hair (which for some reason always raises an image of a very young Ali MacGraw for me, though the last photo I saw of her that hair is gone and is now about an inch all over her head; oh well).
  Not going to be letting any wind get at any hair these days, I tell you.  I have never been so thankful for a hood on my long quilted coat.  Out and about recently, everyone was just like me...we all looked like we were living in the Antarctic ready to venture out on the ice looking to spy on penguins or something; all of us expert in having no flesh visible to the air.

This particular winter has made me think of making a goal, a knitting goal which I have never done in my life before.  That is to learn how to make wool socks.  How I wish I had paid more attention to both grandmothers who seemed to always have a sock on needles they were partway through knitting.  I loved how they used the multiple needles at once and could knit and talk at the same time.  Several of my Facebook friends are wonderful knitters, but alas, I live far from them.  Oh well. I am on my own with Youtube for guidance, I guess.

There is always an upside to just about everything.  Here in Ottawa, we have the largest skating rink in the world (duly registered with the Guinness Book of World Records) every winter when the Rideau Canal freezes over.  Because of the icy temperatures, this canal is now boasting over 50 continuous days of skating for those willing to brave it and I guess thousands are.  The people manning the kiosks lining the canal are logging a banner year, so good for them.