Thursday, 5 March 2015

And I Eat Sardines Too

I told you about the bone broth.  I've been using more of it...boiled a chicken carcass Saturday morning, used some of the bone broth as well as lots of beans, tomatoes and vegetables.  I was in the mood for a hearty kind of meal and something stewing away on the stove suited a gray day with the snow softy falling.
 I'm kind of hoping that will be one of the last days for that kind of feeling...

Meanwhile I did sample Agape Farms kale chips and just loved them.  Tasty enough you can forget they are kale and good for you.

I am always on the hunt for foods that are natural and nutrient dense.  I like these roasted seaweed snacks but I don't think the flavour or texture is for everyone. I saw a woman on a t.v. cooking show break the rather thin sheets into pieces and sprinkle them over popcorn; she was trying to make popcorn a healthier food snack for kids.  I usually admire what I see on those shows, but I really questioned that one.
  I also love the seaweed salad you can get at Thai restaurants; I was happy to see that Costco offers both these items so I can now enjoy them anytime.
I was reading on-line about the benefits of drinking a lemon and honey hot mixture daily.  I love these flavours and I've been making a point of having a large glass to sip most days while I'm stitching.  I also add a couple pieces of sweetened ginger; hubby tells me I definitely don't have to worry about getting scurvy!

Of course, I am hoping some of this healthy eating will also combat the effects of eating Marshmallow Fluff right from the jar on occasion (not that often, I swear).