Monday, 23 March 2015

Quilting UFO'S and Sewing Machine Round 2

So it was a free few days, no little grand chicks to see to school or play peekaboo with, no particular chores still too cold/snowy/windy/icy for that.  In fact, it snowed on and off all day Saturday and looked generally uninviting out there.

 Time for Round 2 with the sewing machine.  I told you I was counting on Youtube's Roxanne at strikesmyfancy to see me through my Singer education.  This time I watched  videos 3, 4 and 5. This machine has a lot of neat features; if I can master half of them I will be happy. It has an automatic needle threader and scissors cut, just to name two.  I did get to change pressure feet and practice free motion embroidery, which it turns out, I am awful at.  Lots more practice needed before I will be tackling any of my projects.
Which by the way, I, with some trepidation did count. Digging into the UFO storage box was a little like Christmas.  There were things in it I only vaguely remembered but thought, my that looks nice.

                                        Like this stack of Churn Dash patchwork squares.

 I have 6 quilting projects on the go.  A doable number, no need for panic especially when I think of one of the ladies in blogland who itemized her UFO's and came up with 101! She wrote them all out in a long list and is determined to finish each and every one in 2015.  Admirable.

I'd forgotten that I was sewing my little scrap end pieces together along the way; what to do with them, I don't know.

                                                             Some of my tin collection.

I realized with all the stopping and starting of the sewing videos, I really needed a manual.  Found my exact manual online and downloaded it; this will make learning a little easier and I won't need the lap top beside me. So I say again isn't the internet wonderful for so many things.

 Sunday and a cold weather warning so no basement time on that day. Too bad as I was all excited about getting back to my machine. No fear, another day hopefully soon.