Tuesday, 24 March 2015

All Rosy In Our Garden

All rosy in our garden here today.
 That said no roses will be blooming in our real garden for many months.  Of course, that is just the way it seems on this side of May; I know that when spring really arrives, things will heat up fast. (Hope still springing eternal....)

But my orchid is blooming and blooming.  It has sprouted two new sprigs that are also loaded with blooms; I count eighteen.  I thought it was something I was doing that might be causing such good growth but no, I think it is the contrast between daily temperatures in the living room where it lives...it gets so cold at night there.  I read this is exactly what an orchid responds to.  These new sprigs are stretching out, I imagine seeking the tree trunk it would be wrapping itself around in the natural world where it came from.
Meanwhile, though bitterly cold outside still, the bright sunlight streaming in the window is ideal for cross stitching.  My little wren is taking form and I am not having any eye strain counting squares and holes.      This sunny but cold spring has made it great for close work, as one of my grandmothers called her needlework.

BTW still in talks with myself about whether I will take all the side bits out because of one block off.  UGH

This came in the mail. Something I fell in love with and ordered and can't wait to open.  I will show you later what it contains.