Tuesday, 3 March 2015

A Tad Down About Downton Abbey

Listening in the car to Alan Jackson singing Remember When, a sentimental favourite of mine...the simply worded verse at the end -

"We won't be sad
We'll be glad
For all the life we had
 we'll remember when"

I've tried to live by.

I believe this is a link; the guitar playing in this is nice too.


Meanwhile, I know this will sound like heresy to many but I'm finding Downton Abbey is losing it a little for me.  I thought last season was a tad slow, but eagerly forgave them and did not utter my thought out loud.  Sadly while this season seems to be trying to pick it up a little, it's lost its oomph for me. Mind you I was never happy with how they rushed certain events and belaboured others.  Part of Downton's charm is letting us into the lives of people who are so rich they don't know how to dress themselves.  I'm eager to experience it all.
 I wished I could have seen more of the wedding of Matthew and Mary, for instance.  The clothes, food, flowers would have been spectacular and I wanted to see all of it.
  I also was disappointed with the Shirley MacClaine character; she arrived with so much fanfare and then to be given such tepid lines, all seemed much ado about nothing to me.
I also was not happy with another character introduced in season 4. That was the role of Miss Bunting;  she was woefully used in her turns on the Downton stage, in my opinion.  Really, would a teacher of that time been so lacking in social graces?  I don't think so.
But, mind you, I haven't given up on Downton, no can't do that. I still eagerly watch each episode; there is something soothing about seeing the cast ever mindful, taking their places upstairs and down.  I do love seeing the clothes with all the beautiful embellishments and accessories. What a fashionable era it was!
  While I enjoy watching Mrs. Patmore and Daisy, it is Miss Baxter I love. She brought into the house the first sewing machine they've all seen and is often shown busy with her hand sewing in Servants Hall; I think that would be me. ( The sewing/mind your own business/not telling any tales part; not the jewel thief part.)

Downton S4 Ep4 Baxter Sews