Friday, 13 March 2015

A Day Spent With Both Grandsons

A rare happening when I have to babysit both grandsons. So there I was at Daughter's with a little 16 month old running around and my, can he go.  It was interesting to see how intrigued he was with the way things work.  In no time he had figured out how the coffee table lifts apart and was eager to give it a try all by himself.  He was busy putting things inside a box, closing all the sides and then repeating the process.  What made this cute was the way he said OH every time he reopened it and saw the little bunny he himself was putting there.
The walk to the school bus is normally a three minute affair, but with little 16 month old feet that wanted to test out every puddle, it took twenty.   Later the two cousins had a chance to have a play and show off for each other.
 Small little things like these are what a Nana loves, that's for sure.

Being at Daughter's reminded me of some of the handiwork I've done before and given as gifts.  Here is a cross stitch picture I completed about 5 years ago during a time I was doing a lot of cross stitch.  A time when this handwork was really my therapy.

Not a big surprise that the subject is birds.  I remember how much I loved working this particular design; not a lot of colour changes so it worked up fairly fast.  And here's a little one kept in the powder room.