Saturday, 7 March 2015

Miniature Quilt and Doodles

This is a close up of a small quilt I found in a consignment shop several years ago.  The central design is a garden trellis, a gate, some curling vines and a rabbit.  It was worked in burgundy Aurifil in a backstitch. The red printed fabric is toile which I love in any of the colours or designs you can come across. I do believe it looks quite good with these crisscrossed quilt lines.

 I'm sure whoever made it thought about leaving the center free of quilting, but either way, I think it would have looked okay. This piece is proof of how effective just a few elements can be...just one print against a plain white fabric surrounding one embroidered motif.  I use this as a hanging in my sewing room and enjoy it very much.

 I often doodle designs with the plan to incorporate some aspect or other in my embroideries someday.  Lately I have been thinking about embroidering pillow cases.  In that case, I will put together a collage of various flowers, leaves, insects, butterflies, etc. which are all things I love to embroider.
Meanwhile, I seem to have a goldfish problem.  My calico goldfish is having a problem swimming straight; it looks like it is too buoyant and struggling to not float to the top of the aquarium.  Poor thing.  Oh, oh, will have to do some research to see what is going on. 

Later update on my goldfish.  A year later and it is still too buoyant but seemingly alive and well.  According to what I have read, it can live on for years this way.