Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Perhaps It is Pre-Spring

Spring has just now started to send out some signals; mind you they are still subtle. Today there was melting on the streets and someone said, with excitement, they heard water running off their roof.  The birds, surprisingly, are beginning to sing in the mornings...just a few, but still, a sign. People seem especially anxious for the winter of 2015 to be all over.
 And another sign....
I've been working steadily in full light on my cross stitch wren and nest and that light has been holding longer and longer.

  I'm also well into my third ball of wool for my scarf.  I did buy the same wool in blue. It is a gorgeous shade and I've been scouting out another pattern for scarf number two.  I really do want to stretch my skills and so must pick a pattern that will challenge me a little more than the last. I've found one called horseshoe lace and I think it's really pretty.

There are a couple  of good videos on Youtube to help me get through.
Hope it is at least pre-spring wherever you are.