Thursday, 19 March 2015

Round 1 With New Sewing Machine

I took myself in hand and got to it.
Two hours later and the sewing room is back somewhat under control.  I just can't work in an untidy mess and at least my cutting bench is more or less free.

What you can't see is all the tidying I had to do of my various containers. Don't know about you but I save all the biscuit tins, chocolate boxes and various cute containers that you can get so many of these days. And it seems my sewing stuff got spread out in these; labeling would have been a good idea and saved me a lot of time.  I don't understand how it all got so disheveled really.

My next session in the sewing room was a big one for me.  Time to tackle that new sewing machine.
  I approached it with a little trepidation since I've never had a computerized sewing machine before so it is all new to me.  My Singer did not come with a manual so I had to find a video online to take me through the basics.  How lucky I am to find the series of videos by Roxanne from strikesmyfancy.  These are excellent with good clear video of step by step instructions for all the features of my Singer Quantum Stylist.  I used the first and second to get familiar with the machine, fill the bobbin and thread it and change the pressure foot.  I even sewed a little with it as practice. I was pleased with the lighting and also the quietness while running and the stitches were lovely and even.  So all good.

I had to rerun the videos on my laptop quite a bit to as I was working through them.  I was afraid of messing up the threading and maybe jamming the machine before I had the chance to get to know all the ins and outs.
I ended on a good note so as soon as  time allows I'm looking forward to getting back at it.