Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Redwork Embroidery

The chill of the wind is certainly piercing here this morning, as Longfellow wrote long ago.  It was -31 C and has now 'warmed up' to -25.  But all the news is the Big Blizzard hitting the eastern seaboard and now dumping snow in Canada in New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.  So it goes with winter in this part of the world.
What a great day to stay close to the wood stove and stitch.  An extravagance retirement allows.
I've been meaning to share my thoughts about Redwork, embroidery that I love, so today is that day.
  Redwork, though a simple technique, has its own beauty.  I like the history of redwork; how women have been using redwork for generations to embellish their linens. And how, I too am now part of that history.

I loved working this set of  redworked bird embroideries called Flight of Fancy from Crabapple Hill Studio.  I remember taking several on vacation and stitching away at my parent's summer home literally by the ocean.   A great memory.

I love Red Brolly; mother and daughter team have developed a wonderful site full of excellent tutorials and pretty patterns that can be used for hangings and quilts.  They use redwork combined with other techniques in sweet, whimsical or primitive patterns.  They are generous too and offer free downloads of some of their patterns and these are well worth checking out.  Perhaps you have seen some of them on Pinterest where there are many boards devoted to their work.

Their link is here:  http://www.red-brolly.com/

If you are a cat lover you will love this set of free patterns.  Some are embroidering this set and turning it into a quilt.   Here is a sample.


And here is another, this is one of  the many lovely Christmas offerings.  I love the pudding.

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