Monday, 19 January 2015

Little Dutch Girl Embroideries

I had finally gotten round to dropping off a bag of items at Value Village (post Christmas clean out) and I debated whether to take a look inside.  I am so glad I did.
 I found these lovely cloths in the linen section.  With one for each day of the week, it appears they were meant to be daily dish drying cloths.  However, their condition is immaculate so I don't think they received much wear and tear.  They are also oversized, at 4 ft by 2 1/2 ft so seem a little large for dish cloths.  All are worked using outline stitch and a little satin stitch and the stitching is neat and consistent.

I think my favourite is the Friday pattern featuring the large working dog.  Each cloth is edged with hand done blanket stitch in two shades of blue. 
 I am wondering if Martha's Transfers has this set in their collection.  The other thought I had was that we have a large Dutch population farming in the Ottawa Valley and I often see Holland items around; perhaps these whimsical renditions would have special appeal to someone Dutch.

Whatever their origin, they have found a good home with me.