Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Granny Square Lap Rug

Did this ever happen to you?
Choose a yarn with care, a pattern with even greater care and then not like the finished piece. Sad to say but this is what has happened with my circle in a square granny square lap rug.  I chose variegated wool of three colours I love- cream, pink and brown. I loved learning how to do the square and the wool was soft and easy to work with.  However, the finished product looks quite spotted and not what I had imagined.

                                                Folded up like this, it looks okay even nice.

                                                  But opened and it looks so spotty to me...

On my lap, it is actually distracting!  Is this just me or is this really too busy?  Oh well chalk it up to experience I guess.  I did learn a new granny square so that's a good thing which I enjoyed working, but I will be cautious about using variegated wool next time.