Friday, 2 January 2015

My Five Most Read Posts

After a year of blogging, it is interesting to look back and take stock of which topics I've written about were read the most.  The experts say this activity would give me  information about how to gear future posts to more readers.  I had not really thought about doing this maybe because I am writing this blog because I like it and love writing about whatever falls into my brain at the time.  But then I got curious and made the trek back in time.
 After that journey all the way back to my meager beginnings, here are my top five most read posts:

#1  Warmth of Wood

Published on 02/11/2014
 I told about how we use wood to heat our home for the winter months.  I shared two photos, one of what seven cords of wood looks like and the other of the dogs asleep in front of the wood stove.

#2  Olive Kitteridge is Wearing My Skirt

Published on  17/11/2014
  I wrote about my positive reaction to the mini series Olive Kitteridge.  Because I had read the book, I was able to draw a few comparisons between Olive on the page and Olive on the screen.  Searching the web had led me to the image of Frances McDormand as Olive.  She is wearing a button front skirt and I have an identical one which led to my title.

#3  Three Things You Don't Know About Me

Published on  31/10/2014
 This was a bit of a stretch for me because I had to share a couple of silly things about myself that I'd not told anyone before.  No one emailed me to share similar reveals, I noticed, but lots of people read this post.

#4  Carol Shields...Still Read and Still Missed

Published on   03/12/2014
  My life long love of Carol's work was the essence of this post.  I was reading her book The Republic of Love at the time and enjoying it immensely.  Perhaps it made it to the top 5 because her books are loved world-wide.

#5  No Fashionistas Living Here

Published on 08/12/2014
I had a chat about how hubby and I dress for the cold weather, namely with lots of corduroy, layers of fleece and down clothing.  It made it sound a little like we lived in the Arctic, but since I've lived there, I can honestly say it gets just as cold here in the Ottawa area at times, just doesn't stay as long.